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    If you are at a job that requires you to sit for long hours and you have a sedentary lifestyle then you need some planning to make sure that you get the exercise without even going to the gym.

    How To Ride Your Bicycle Safely

    Each year, about 500,000 people require emergency room treatment due to bicycle crashes, and about 800 people die. Approximately 75 percent of the deaths result from a head injury. Following are some simple, easy-to-follow guidelines that will keep the pleasure in biking.

    Are you sneakers lost or hidden somewhere in the garage? Have they been sitting in your closet since last Halloween, collecting dust? Do you put them on once in while but never seem to actually get out the door?

    Health and Fitness planning in One Magic Minute

    Summer is her and look at you -- you've done it! You're exercising more, you're eating healthier -- congratulations! You're well on your way to living a healthier, happier, fitter life!

    Treadmill Running Tips

    Treadmills ensure that the runner in you never has to sit out for a season. Here are a few points to consider when you begin your treadmill running regimen.

    How To Build Muscle Mass Without Gaining Body Fat

    Most people gain fat when building muscles. Why is this so? This need not be the case.

    Five Tips to a Healthy and Fitter You

    As they say Health is Wealth and everyone knows that health is important however we still do not move ourselves enough to get fit and healthy. Here are my four simple tips for you to remain fit and healthy. These tips are intended to provide you with a healthier lifestyle and will help you lead a better life by staying fit.

    This article discusses how getting a personal trainer can help you in achieving a body ready for the summer.

    Top Of The Golf Swing - Where Is Yours?

    A question we address all of the time is "Where is the top of the swing?" Most amateurs will regurgitate the answer that has been shoved done their throat for a very, very, very long time. The typical answer from an amateur is: the top of the swing is when the club is at parallel. Really? See if you agree with this logic

    Teaching Martial Arts in America

    The way martial arts is administered in America is different from its original countries of origin. Master Calasanz shares his experiences and how he has had to alter the teaching methods he grew up on to satisfy American interests while still preserving the teachings and traditions of the ancients.

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