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The aim of conventional or unconventional drug and alcohol treatment is to ensure that the addict is off his or her substance of abuse permanently. The success of any method is largely dependant on the cooperation and will power of the person.

There is some question as to what is alcohol abuse as opposed to what is harmless social drinking. What is alcohol abuse? Some families or friends end up asking this question due to worries about someone in the family.

Did you know that you were meant to have strong, and healthy, bones throughout your lifetime? Unfortunately, about 40 percent, currently, of American women and about 6 percent of American men, over the age of 50, will have a vertebral fracture due to bone mass loss (or osteoporosis).

Most Nursing Assistants work very hard to ensure the safety of patients as well as provide them with quality care. However, consumer complaints happen often, resulting in the profession not getting a fair look. Too often the focus is on the negative that takes place during interactions with Nursing Assistants than reporting good staff to the proper people.

There is a lot of talk these days about intestinal cleansing or detoxing, but why? This article will focus on how the garbage got there, how to remove it and the dangers of leaving it there.

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