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Helen Hecker

For more information on air travel tips for the disabled and travel tips for people with health issues, go to a website specializing in travel and transportation tips, advice and resources including information on travel nurses and travel insurance
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In the past when you wanted white teeth you would have to go to your dentist because that was the only way to get teeth whitening, usually with corrosive tooth bleach.

If you suspect you may have bulimia or another eating disorder or been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa, there are some steps you can take to get headed in the right direction and these are some of my best tips to help you recover.

Seeking natural treatment is the best remedy and vitamins, minerals and other supplements may or may not be taken safely as a hair loss solution.

Are you looking for the best elliptical machine at the best possible price? If so you'll want to read my tips to find out which will be the best buy for you and/or your family.

Sinus infections are no doubt one of the most commonly reported disorders in the U.S. today though many people suffer silently.

If you spend long hours in a wheelchair you know it can lead to uneasiness and be very uncomfortable, which is true for anyone who is disabled.

The Lap Band System uses a Lap Band which is an adjustable gastric band that is actually a silicone belt that is placed around the top of the stomach.

Low cost health insurance programs offer health insurance policies at a much lower price than other insurance companies.

As a nurse, I've often come in contact with patients who were suffering from eczema, from mild to severe looking for a cure.

These are just a few of the arthritis home remedies and treatments that arthritis sufferers have sworn worked for them. Most have an anti-inflammatory effect.