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Karin Manning

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Erectile dysfunction is a major reason why women can't fall pregnant. However, all hope is not lost. Learn how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, even if you do suffer from erectile dysfunction of some kind.

The General Principles Of Ashtanga Yoga

Another style of a primordial religious practice from India, ashtanga yoga was taught by a certain Pattabhi Jois who was a former student of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, a teacher known to lived more than a hundred years old. This article will discuss the general principles of ashtanga yoga.

The Controversy That Is Christian Yoga

What is Christian Yoga? It is a fact that Yoga itself originates and is based from Hinduism, and many people see conflict in using yoga the Christian way as Hinduism is deemed un-extractable from yoga.

Your Must Know Guide To Erectile Dysfunction

Don't believe everything you read about erectile dysfunction. Get the lowdown on ED right here.

The Golden Rules Of Bikram Yoga

Developed by an undisputed All- India National Yoga Champion, Bikram Choudhury, bikram yoga is performed right inside a room that is heated to a temperature of 40.5 degrees Celsius. Keep reading to learn the golden rules of bikram yoga.

Everything You Need To Know About Chair Yoga

There are a lot of forms of yoga, and although Chair Yoga is not formally recognized as a yoga type, it is generally used to identify a milder yoga form which is performed through being seated in a chair or the use of a chair as support while standing. This article will explain everything you need to know about chair yoga.

The Health Benefits Of Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is intended to scientifically warm up and stretch tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the proper order that they should be performed, with twenty six series of challenging asanas. Keep reading to learn all the health benefits of this unique form of yoga.

All The Health Benefits I Love About Yoga

Yoga, as you may know, is practiced by millions of people throughout the world for several good reasons. It has been around for thousands of years now and it is continually gaining popularity for a number of benefits that it is capable of giving.

Everything You Need To Know About Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is an inspiring and heart oriented yoga, at the same time as being grounded on Universal Principles of Alignment for the outer and inner body.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a problem that is experienced by over 100 million men worldwide. It is one of the most common problems in which treatment is not sought out by men who are experiencing the problem. There is a lot that you can do to prevent the onset of impotence at all.