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Deborah Hoeve

Deb Hoeve publishes a daily coaching newsletter offering unique approaches to weight loss and health restoration using the healing power of the body. Designed especially for people who have "tried everything." Find out how you can finally achieve weight loss success and renewed health at Make Your Body Last

 Articles by this Author

There is a lot of talk these days about intestinal cleansing or detoxing, but why? This article will focus on how the garbage got there, how to remove it and the dangers of leaving it there.

Drinking Water: Step 1 in Weight Loss

The simplest solution and first step to weight loss should be to properly hydrate your body. Many bodily functions rely on water. A water shortage can result in weight gain and disease. If you have struggled to lose weight, it may not be your fault. Your body has other emergencies to contend with because it is dehydrated. Learn how to re-hydrate and lose weight the right way.