Millions of people around the world use alcohol, and only some of these people have problems because of alcohol. There is some question as to what is alcohol abuse as opposed to what is harmless social drinking.

What is alcohol abuse? Some families or friends end up asking this question due to worries about someone in the family. They might watch this person drink three potent drinks and fall into a deep sleep soon after. They often want to know what is alcohol abuse because they are not sure if their loved one is in some kind of trouble. Other people watch a loved one drink two glasses of wine with every meal. Some might wonder if this is a problem.

What is alcohol abuse? This is a question for the experts who have worked with alcoholics and social drinkers. These experts have done scientific research to answer this question: What is alcohol abuse? Many experts have also worked for many years trying to help people who abuse alcohol. They would probably be the first to tell the clients that social drinking is not necessarily a problem. A couple of glasses of wine with dinner does not make one an alcoholic.

The Experts
Can Answer The Question What Is Alcoholic Abuse

The experts are the best to answer this important question, and many of them have tried to provide some insight although there does not seem to be one clear cut definition. Alcohol abuse depends on the problems caused because of the use of alcohol. If a person drinks two beers and becomes lightheaded when driving a vehicle, this is alcohol abuse. Any drinking that results in bad judgment is abuse of alcohol. People must learn how to use alcohol appropriately if they enjoy a drink.

Many of the people who have problems with alcohol have similar attitudes and needs for alcohol. Those who are dependent on alcohol in any way have a problem that needs attention. Those who have a problem with alcohol abuse often have strong cravings for alcohol. These people also do not control their use of alcohol. Many people would automatically restrict their own intake of alcohol. Those with a problem rarely limit their intake of alcohol. They do not have the sense to control their own drinking. Those with problems with alcohol often have physical symptoms if they do not have a drink of alcohol. These people might have symptoms such as nausea, sweating or shaking if they do not have a drink of alcohol.